Meet Our New Staff!

The journey for us started when we were both college students at Winona State University.  When we entered college, we had all the intentions to have the college experience of drinking, partying, and to come out with our degrees to get a high paying job.  But God had different plans for our lives apart from our own (He does stuff like that).  We did have some of those “typical college experiences,” but while in search of those experiences, God turned us towards Himself.  And with the help of a few key relationships with Christ-following friends and family, the Gospel transformed our lives. 

By the time we started dating at the beginning of our senior year, our lives were vastly different from when we entered college.  We were pursuing Christ and already felt the calling of ministry on our lives; we just didn’t quite know what that was yet.  After we finished college, Sarah continued to volunteer her time in the ministry that she was involved with in Rochester when she was a student, The Navigators.  With some prayer and prompting, Chris eventually joined Sarah as a volunteer with The Navigators.  Immediately, we realized that God was preparing us to enter into ministry, college ministry to be exact.  Trevor presented an opportunity to step into the EDGE Corps program with the Navigators, and to join himself and Cassie with The Navigators in Rochester.  And with a lot of prayer and discernment, we made the decision to enter EDGE Corps with The Navigators.

This summer has brought on many challenges and learning experiences.  We have had numerous fundraising meetings each week, along with wedding planning (we are getting married August 2nd!), and preparations for the fall when students arrive back in Rochester.  Our focus this fall will be the University of Minnesota – Rochester campus, where we get to reach out and disciple students.  We are excited and blessed to be representing Christ and The Navigators on campus this fall!  Pray that God continues to work in our lives and the lives of students here in Rochester. 

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.  1 Thessalonians 2:8