My Dells STP Experience

Quinlynn (On the Left)
My summer here in the Wisconsin Dells has really brought my life back into focus.  It has put fire back into my walk with Jesus that had become rather lame since the beginning of college. The consistency of regular Bible study and personal God-time here has really taught me to stay constant in my faith for when my journey is taken back home and I’ll need to be more self-driven (with God’s grace of course).
   I have been working hard here. Tourists don’t always appreciate your service, and bosses can be strung out trying to make their yearly income in three short months. Through these experiences, I’m learning just how human we all are.  Fun days sometimes bring out the worst in vacationers, but a quality service done with a smile and patience can sometimes help a parent to be more positive in their family’s tired, hungry and sunburnt chaos. Managers and shift leaders can make mistakes and use harsh words, but asking them about life and really listening can bring out a hidden sweetness in them or even friendship.
    I know I’m not living super comfortably here.  Living in one motel room with three others can be complicated and cramped, but what I keep finding to be even more apparent is how much less the foreign students working here tend to have. I have so many resources I can share! This is a place where washing someone else’s dishes is a widely accepted act of service. One of the most impactful gifts I’ve given this summer is laundry soap! Living this smooshy motel lifestyle has really been great. Sure it can be frustrating, but I’ve definitely grown to see the hilarity of many of our circumstances. The fifteen cats and the family of raccoons on the property might even agree.
   I need you to know that this summer hasn’t been about my ability to tough the odds. It’s about me leaning of God’s strength and wisdom and his love in others to respond to adversity in a loving way. It’s also about the people God has strategically placed in my life here who are in desperate need of the love of a Savior. I’m learning daily to use the Bible practically and to share the gospel lovingly and impactfully. I can see these newfound skills being used throughout my adult life. Pray that God may use me to care deeply for others through the remainder of my time here.