My Dells STP Experience

One of my favorite parts of following the Lord is seeing the ways He moves in hearts and opens doors of opportunity to walk through.   This summer in the Dells has been no exception!  I’d like to share a couple of key ways we’ve seen Him at work…

The Lord is opening hearts as we have been meeting as men’s and women’s groups, delving into the topic of sexual purity.  Quite honestly, this is an uncomfortable topic to cover.  Our tendency in dealing with sin is simply to hide from God and from one another.  But God is making our students strong and courageous, as many have truly been opening their hearts to God and to one another.  In doing this, we are seeing the power of shame lose its stranglehold as love and grace are being poured out on one another through the community we have together.  And we are better able to gain a glimpse of JESUS, who TRULY changes us from the inside out.  Praising Him!

The Lord is also opening doors of opportunity to befriend international students. The Dells is brings in 4,000 international students each summer for employment, and many of our Nav students have the privilege of working along or living among some of these.  And we are thrilled.  One young guy from Moldova who follows Christ has become a regular part of our group, and He is eager to grow in his faith!   Another group of Taiwanese students came to our Nav night and are excited to practice their English (with us) and cooking skills (on us) J  A group of Chinese girls moved in next to our students last week and have already been reading the book of Matthew together!  Would you join in prayer with me over these dear ones?