My Missions Experience

This past June, I had an amazing opportunity to go on a mission trip to Thailand. I was in Thailand for two weeks and the whole time I was there I was astonished by the humility these people had, the joy and compassion with their faith in Christ and the never ending care and love shown to us all throughout my trip. I go with this missionary mindset that I am there to serve them, to teach them and yes, I am, but I forget that God has the same commands for them. I was being “out-served” you could say, but God was working through the Hmong people of Thailand just as much as He was working through the team and me. It was a blessing to see God’s unique cycle of craftsmanship to serve and learn from one another continually. 

During my two weeks in Thailand, I stayed in the mountains north of Chiang Mai in a town called Khunyuam. Within that town, we stayed and worked at a Hmong Christian youth hostel (had 78 Hmong Children from 1st-12th grade). This hostel is run by two couples who fully devoted their lives to taking care of these kids physically, emotionally and spiritually. All of these Children come from other Hmong villages farther up in the mountains. They stay at this youth hostel so they can go to school and get an education and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. I cannot express the love I had for these kids and plainly seeing God’s love shown through them. My highlight (spending every day with them) and lowlight (leaving them) of the trip was these kids. Each day as we worked on our building project (a new boys dormitory) I could not wait for the kids to return home from school.

I was called to be God’s hands and feet, I was called to serve Him by serving others in love, but I am always given so much more in return on these trips. I come back with a clearer view of why I worship and follow God. Why His love is never failing and how we are seen as His children. Knowing that God’s children, of different ethnicities and ages are worshipping and serving Him all around the world, bring so much gratification to my soul and I desire to serve our God forevermore.