My Missions Experience

Jillian (Center of the Picture)

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to go to Ireland in a mission trip. It turned into a trying and awesome experience. And God showed himself continually throughout the 6 weeks we were on the trip. We went to three places in Ireland the first was Londonderry. Londonderry is a city filled with brokenness. There is more un-forgiveness there then I have ever experienced in my life. Everyone I talked to said the same things. That all the fighting that had been centered there had taken its toll and the two sides so many years later still couldn’t get along. When we weren’t walking around talking to people we were able to invest a lot of our time in the youth of Londonderry. It was great to see their faces every day and to see the excitement that they had. Leaving Londonderry was really hard after building so many great relationships there.

The next stop was Port Rush where we had an amazing opportunity to do a surfing ministry. The first day we were there the leader handed us wet suits and told us to grab a board, most of us had never been surfing before. The surf instructors were patient with us and by the time the 3 days were over we had all at least been able to stand up. Surfing was one of the most exciting things I have done and to be able to do it while sharing the love of Christ was the best part.

After Port Rush we headed to Skirries, a cute coastal town where we had some of the best ministry of the trip. At first the youth in the town were skeptical of us because we walked around talking to people but by the time the fourth day rolled around they were comfortable enough to show up at the church where we spent most of our time. From that night on we had people freely talking to us and we were able to build relationships off of that. While we were playing Frisbee in the park one day four girls were walking by and I asked them if they wanted to play. They thought about it for a while but ended up just sitting on the sidelines. Two girls from our team and I went over and started talking to them. The conversation for the most part was nothing special but they did end up asking us about why we believed in was a great conversation and it ended in us inviting them to the youth ministry at the church. When they showed up I was shocked, and then I got to watch as one of the girls in my group walked them through the gospel. Seeing how receptive they were to it was so encouraging to me. I’m pretty sure that one of the girls accepted Christ that night. It was just so cool to see the part God let me play in their lives even if it was a tiny one.