My NAV Experience

Josh (Left) with his brother Jake (Right)

To be up front and honest about my awesome experiences and the great amount of things I have learned about my faith through Navigators, a large book would be required in order to tell of the powerful and beautiful things God is doing.  However, for the sake of everyone involved, I will mention a few important changes and opportunities God has placed in my life through Navs.

Discipleship-Although my first impulse would be to communicate how incredibly fun Navs can be, by far the most effective and vital means through which Navs has helped grow my faith and love for God has been through good-old-fashioned discipleship. The quality time I spent with a person who was wiser and more mature in the faith was inspiring and helpful on every level. Merely looking in on how God had used the person discipling me and brought them through life was encouraging and very helpful in understanding God’s will for my life. You can’t go wrong with a friendship centered and maintained around Jesus.

Community- The Navigator’s community is very welcoming and loving as those involved try to emulate God’s love and simply have fun getting to know each other. It was in this community that I felt comfortable inviting a classmate to the Weekender conference (a really awesome Nav’s conference) in Wisconsin. As our friendship grew, I convinced him to join my small group Bible study. To make a long story short, my friend accepted Christ into his life during the spring break retreat which Navs put on.

I cannot express how much God has blessed me through Navigators and I can’t wait to see what God has in store this year!