My NAVS Experience

As I returned home from visiting Rochester last night I can't help but reflect on my time there. I am so thankful for the relationships I still have with some amazing people there who have done a lot for me and who I was so happy to see again. I thank The Lord so much everyday for nudging me to sign up for a silly chipotle gift card drawing at some table that ultimately is what helped me discover Rochester Navigators. This college ministry truly changed me and in a lot of ways saved me and helped me get through being in a place where I was so unhappy. God is on a journey with each and everyone of us and there is no place you could be in your life that God isn't right by your side helping you through it. A year ago I was unable to walk without severe pain and I was getting ready to learn the news that I would be needing to have hip surgery. Never in a million years did I think that the next year of my life would be as transformative as it has been. From figuring out my calling through The Eli Project, to transferring to Bethel University where I get to worship our creator inside and outside the classroom on a daily basis, to the amazing group of guys I get to call teammates as we prepare to officially start practice on Monday. A year ago I was unsure if I was ever going to get to go out there and play the sport I love ever again... God has been at work in miraculous ways in my life that just absolutely blow me away. Today, I encourage you to reflect on your own lives with praise and thankfulness as we look at how great our God is and how faithful he has been, is, and always will be to us.