My Catalyst Experience

I have been a part of the NAVS since last year and it has grown me in ways that I could have never imagined. I always gone through my faith by myself and learned from the Word on my own. However, throughout this semester I have felt and learned how important fellowship and sharing one’s faith with others is. Being in an atmosphere with others that wanted to learn and dig deeper gave me more motivation to pursue my relationship with God as well. This semester I have been fortunate to help lead as a member of CATALYST, our student leadership team. Although it’s sometimes hard to wake up every other week for our 6:30am meeting, it is a set time where I get filled up and encouraged by other students and learn about what God is doing in their lives and on the campuses we reach out to. 
God has also opened the doors for me to lead an all-girls D-group this year. It had a very rough start but through perseverance and faith, 5 amazing ladies joined and now we meet every Monday night. Not only do I get to enjoy fellowship with these girls and other students at NAVNITE, but I also indulge in fellowship with my discipler, and my disciple buddy. This is my first semester being discipled by someone, and being able to get to know this godly woman and learning from her experiences has been one of the highlights of this year. As I reflect on this semester and it comes to an end, I can see how God has worked in my life and how He is working in the lives of people around me. I strive to be salt to the earth and light to the world, letting God shine through me on my campus.